Jan 29

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is preventing on-site injuries. Whether in the factory setting or in the executive suite, workplace accidents may range from slips and falls to accidental amputations as well as deaths. They can have an enormous cost not only in terms of the impact on the person who suffers the accident, but also in terms of lost hours in the workplace, increased insurance costs and the overall impact that a bad accident can have on workforce morale.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of accidents that occur at work is the fact that most of them are completely preventable simply by keeping safety rules in mind, but that’s more easily said than done. Educational programs are effective for a short amount of time, but a lot of the information is not retained by employees over an extended period of time – in the case of some hazards, repetitive safety warnings have proven to be far more effective. Traditional safety signage has become available for a long time, even though informative the signs possess the disadvantage of being straightforward, and so are uninteresting and boring. They quickly become virtually invisible and ignored.

Health and safety posters and signs should beamusing and bright, eye-catching visuals using wise-cracking humor to make certain the messages are not only seen but discussed, laughed about and even more importantly – remembered.

Comical and humorous signs have got a more robust influence on your head and are somehow remembered and retained. Because you want to discover and read the funny side of the message, it is obviously going to register with the workers and remembered and therefore, hopefully limit any accidents in the workplace

You don’t always have to be too serious in the workplace, it is usually more valuable to demonstrate a sense of humor.

The truth is, comical signs really drive the point home whether it be an inside joke or possibly a silly saying with a funny sign. Funny signs are guaranteed to have a laugh and stay a total conversation piece. Enhance work, whether it’s the factory floor or maybe the executive suite, we all love some fun and it’s obtaining the important safety message across concurrently.

The protection messages are important; it’s vital that they are produced by working alongside pros who will be in a persons resources arena in addition to health and safety experts to make sure this content is appropriate and applicable. These safety and health posters may be personalized with a company brand name and to make certain these signs are around for a long period and get away from damage they may be framed or laminated. For more information please visit Executive Security Training

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