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Numansdorp, Netherlands (February 03, 2017) – The long-awaited team builder & battle helper iOS and Android app for Pokémon GO goes live for iOS and Android devices. The stage name of this powerful Pokémon tool is The Brofessor App and is developed by Orange Vox Productions, a developing studio in the Netherlands.

At its core the app acts as a personal Pokémon GO Bro that aims to help Pokémon GO players to become the very best Pokémon Trainer through the means of a Battle Helper.

This Battle Helper will therefore help Pokémon GO players help to win Gym battles. It’s ideal for both claiming and training gyms.

The Brofessor App makes the discovery of the Pokémon and their real power really easy. With a few simple taps, the users can thoroughly select & add all Pokémon characters and will be provided with the perfect battle team to win any battle.

“The Brofessor App is inspired by the amazing success of Pokémon GO. As the developers and I are really huge fans of Pokémon GO, we decided to create something that is simple and handy at the same time. The Brofessor App nails the needs of the Pokémon GO fans with the features of a Team Builder & Battle Helper app. It provides enormous value and is easy to use at the same time”, stated Roderick Vos, CEO of Orange Vox Productions.

The app will provide its users their perfect battling team based on their own Pokémon. The ultimate well-thought design and the set of value added features will attract the Pokémon GO players to The Brofessor App.

“We hope Pokémon GO fans will love Brofessor. It is totally dedicated to them and we really think it can offer value in terms of battle efficiency and usefulness of usage,” added Mr. Vos.

The Brofessor App is available for a free download on the link bellow. Google Play Download Link:

iOS App Store Download Link:


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