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Réparations électroménagers D&D recently announced the official launch of its operation in Quebec, Canada, making it the most comprehensive one-stop repair shop for home appliances. The repair outfit is made up of a team of expert and well-trained professional repairers, offering outstanding repair works for appliances like freezers, refrigerators, and washers and dryers of different brands and models.

One of the specialties of Réparations électroménagers D&D is repairing freezers of different models and brands. Freezers are important tools for catering professionals and individuals and should be given the deserved care especially when a fault develops. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case as the freezers do not only get the right repair service, but the service sometimes arrives late. This is where D&D repair specialists are extremely invaluable, providing professional repair service to your faulty freezer and helping to restore the functionality of your appliance.

Washing machines are one of the home’s most valuable tool or appliance. Unfortunately, they can be just as problematic and could lead to even greater problems if not fixed properly and promptly. D&D with its professional team and quality service delivery caters to washing machine repairs of various brands and models, as opposed to the first repair person that is available.

Refrigerators can also go faulty without prior notice and with the appliance being one of the most important réparations appareils électroménagers, D & D provides quality réparations à Gatineau to ensure families can enjoy good food and perishables are not spoilt prematurely due to lack of an efficient storage facility.

Experience and continuous training have helped D&D technicians to work on all brands of refrigerators, washing machines and freezers ranging from the very famous ones like LG, Ariston, and Samsung, to the less famous brand names.


Réparations électroménagers D&D has its teams spread across different regions to help reduce response time and ensure that home appliances are returned to optimal functionality as soon as possible. For more information about what is currently ranked as the best refrigerator repairers in Quebec, click here.

About Réparations électroménagers D&D
Réparations électroménagers D&D is a home appliance repair outfit headquartered in Quebec, Canada. The outfit comprises of a team of experienced and well-trained technicians, handling repair works for different home appliances including freezers, refrigerators and washing machines of different brands.

The quick and excellent service delivery of Réparations électroménagers D&D ensures that home appliances are restored to their optimal functionality within the shortest time.

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