frankieapope A BCZ Site Fri, 14 Jul 2017 17:13:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Zauberer und Jongleur Johannes Arnold in Berlin Fri, 14 Jul 2017 17:13:11 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> Zauberkünstler und Jongleur Johannes Arnold bietet seinen Gästen vielseitige Zauberkunst für alle Anlässe, etwa Firmenfeier, Event und Kindergeburtstag. Der vielseitige Magier verzaubert kleine wie große Gäste mit anspruchsvoller Magie in Berlin und Brandenburg, wobei er seine Zuschauer stets auf charmante und stilvolle Weise unterhält und verblüfft. Dabei bietet er sowohl Zauberkunst für Erwachsene, wie für Kinder an. Einerlei ob Sie ein besonderes Fest planen, eine außergewöhnliche Feier oder ein Event für Kinder – der vielseitige Künstler hat sicherlich genau das richtige Programm für Sie im Repertoire. For more info please visit Entertainer

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Wenn es um Motoroel geht = Thu, 13 Jul 2017 04:44:48 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> Motoroel für PKW und 2 Rad schnell & günstig geliefert. Jetzt das richtige Öl finden: Viele Marken zu Auswahl. Bei uns im Shop können Sie  große Auswahl von Öle günstig kaufen. Motoröl und Motorenöl für Autos und Motorräder zu Top Preisen.  bietet als einer der größten Motoroel Onlinehaendler Markenöle zu besonders günstigen Preisen. Egal ob für Auto oder Zweirad. Günstiges Angebot vieler Motorenöle der Marktführenden Marken. For more info please visit 229.51

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Tyson introduces it’s newest contact IC card this season Mon, 10 Jul 2017 15:47:26 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> Tyson card is divided into contact IC card and non-contact IC card according to the card and the external data exchange interface. Contact IC card through the card surface of a number of metal points to achieve and read and write information transmission, low cost, the implementation of relatively simple; non-contact IC card is no contact, but in the card laying antenna, with wireless transceiver Information, so in traffic, access control has more applications. In addition, there are both contact and non-contact two kinds of interface composite card. For more info please visit Vingcard key card

Tyson contact chip card is in use, through the metal electrode contacts card IC and external interface devices in direct contact with the integrated circuit to provide power and data exchange IC card, contact IC card from the semiconductor chip, the electrode mold Piece, plastic substrate, which is characterized by the surface of the card in line with ISO7816 standard multi-metal contacts, as shown below.

1. Chip is the core of the IC card, generally 0.35-0.8um CMOS or BICMOS manufacturing process of ultra-large scale integrated circuits, now Tyson has been using 0.6um, 0.25um, 0.13um embedded memory technology design of the chip.

2. The electrode is a semiconductor chip input and output signal pin and external devices in contact with the conductor. It is actually a precision printed circuit board, the substrate is a layer of insulating material, on which is a layer of copper and aluminum alloy, and gold plating on the outer surface, can provide conductivity and oxidation resistance in our processes.

The contact IC card consists of 8 contacts and the integrated circuit pins from C1 to C8, as shown in the following figure. The size and position of the IC card contacts must conform to the international standard ISO / IEC 7816-2 The function of each contact is defined as follows for contact IC card manufacturing.C1=Vcc,C2=RST,C3=CLK,C5=GND,C6=Vpp.

Tysoncard is the one of the leading RFID manufactures with over 8 year experiences in China. Tysoncard specializes in producing and selling a variety of RFID cards, RFID wristband, RFID labels, NFC tags, PVC cards and magnetic stripe tape. All products guidelines have reached international credit card standard. We also have professional team engaged in the development of technology, management and application system on basis of smart cards. We have rich experience in production management (ISO9002), and have purchased advanced card maker production lines such as Heidelberg color printers, data card imprinters, automatic card-laminators, auto punch machines, magnetic strip applicators, CIM machines, UV curing machines, spray code machines, labeling machines, auto packing machines and auto IC card equipment.

Company Name: Tyson Smart Card Co. Ltd
City, State, Country: Shenzhen,GuangDong,China
Address: 1501,Building 3,Haiyuxiwan,Xin’an 6 Road,Xixiang,Baoan,Shenzhen,China
Contact Person:Andrew Geng
E-mail: *protected email*

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Lyman A. Montgomery Announces the Launch and Release of his New Book Sat, 17 Jun 2017 07:47:19 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Indiana, USA (June 17, 2017) – Lyman A. Montgomery, a focus consultant, accomplished speaker, certified lifestyle coach, author, and the president of Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC, is excited to announce the release of his latest and brand new book.

Dubbed as ‘Focused-Driven Lifestyle: 7 Strategies for Effective Permanent Solutions to Overcome Procrastination and Distractions,’ this revolutionary book is a clever collection of a number of proven techniques that reveal how anyone can take control of their lives as well as remove the distractions that hinder the fulfillment of specific goals.

Presently available in paperback format, this enviable book can be secured online at LitFire website via the following link – It can also be purchased at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

It has been rightly said that ‘if you can master focus, you can master anything.’ One of the greatest challenges of the modern world is being able to focus. Lack of focus can have an enormous impact on a person’s life. Hence, the need for everyone to be equipped with effective strategies for key focused living.

Having learnt how to focus his energies on eliminating his incapacitating beliefs, which in turn led to gaining control of his time and life, if there was anyone to connect with on this subject matter, it certainly is Lyman.

Renowned as a sought-after consultant, Lyman Montgomery said; “I am absolutely thrilled about the release of my book – Focused-Driven Lifestyle. With a wandering attention, life, work, and relationships can indeed be burdensome and unproductive. This book is a manual that will help you remove those debilitating distractions, annihilate your procrastination and set fulfilling priorities; so you can enjoy a focused-driven lifestyle.”

“In ‘Focused-Driven Lifestyle,’ you have the strategies to help you focus your mind, organize your life and create the future you want: a profitable future over which you have complete control. Make use of that help,” Montgomery concluded.

About Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC
“Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC provides professional and personal lifestyle coaching services, designed to help you focus at work while staying active in your social life.  From relationship coaching services seminars to lifestyle coaching, you can count on our expertise for ensuring your personal and professional self-improvement.
To know more about Lyman A. Montgomery, his company, and latest book, visit –”

Media Contact:
Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC
Lyman A Montgomery, MBA
Position: Author
Location:  Bloomington, Indiana
Tel: 877-275-3039
Email: *protected email*


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Fusion Antibodies Ltd (UK) and Synbio Technologies Co. Ltd (China/USA) announce a commercial partnership to support biologic drug development in China Sun, 04 Jun 2017 08:22:54 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Fusion Antibodies Ltd (Belfast, UK) and Synbio Technologies Co Ltd (China/USA), today announce a commercial agreement whereby the companies will support academia, biotech and pharma companies in China across the full spectrum of services required for the discovery and development of biologic based drugs.

Fusion Antibodies, a biologic drug development contract research organisation (CRO) founded in Belfast UK in 2001, offers a suite of services from early discovery through to antibody engineering and stable cell line development. They are particularly well known for their antibody humanization capabilities utilising their proprietary CDRx™ platform.

Synbio Technologies is a DNA technology company which focuses on next generation gene synthesis technology and its applications. The company’s scientific capabilities encompass areas such as DNA engineering, genome synthesis, pharmacogenomics, microbiology, translational biology and the applications of synthetic biology. They have developed the first integrated GPS (Genotype, Phenotype and Synotype) system aimed to a quick and easy translation or reverse translation between “Genotype” and “Phenotype” by using their proprietary “Synotype” platform.

“We are very excited with this new partnership,” Dr. Paul Kerr, Managing Director of Fusion Antibodies stated. ‘’We believe that bringing together Synbio Technologies molecular biology expertise with Fusion Antibodies protein engineering capabilities will bring significant benefits to the Chinese biologics development community. Through this agreement Synbio’s clients’ will be able to move seamlessly from antibody discovery through the key steps of gene synthesis and protein engineering to cGMP supply in China”.

George Diao, VP for Business Development of Synbio Technologies said: ‘’Fusion Antibodies is the ideal partner as is has the right expertise and technology to help clients move quickly in to clinical development. They have successfully completed over 75 humanization projects for biopharma clients globally and with 6 antibodies humanized via their CDRx™ platform now in or entering clinical trials they have a proven track record. Together we intend to replicate this success in China harnessing Synbio Technologies local market knowledge and scientific expertise.



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Feiyu Releases it’s SPG Live 3-Axis Gimbal, with Live-Streaming Portrait Mode, Adaptable for iPhone Smart Phones Thu, 01 Jun 2017 03:26:09 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> The FY Gimbal product features are:

SMART PORTRAIT MODE: Ideal motorized gimbal for live streaming on Facebook, Periscope, Meerkat, offering adjustable panning angle in vertical mode with cameras automatically directed to users.

UNIVERSAL BALANCE ADJUSTMENT: This Feiyu stabilizer model with counterweight system to adapt to phones of various sizes and weight including iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung, HTC, HUAWEI etc.

SMART FACE TRACKING: Following target face and guiding gimbal movement accordingly powered by the evolving Feiyu ON app, also featuring dynamic panorama and auto-focus for extra creativeness.

INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE: Powering on, off and switching among various modes with just one button, accurately adjusting camera angles via a 4-way joystick, remote controlling phone camera shutter via Bluetooth connected shutter button.

EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP: Enhanced finish with CNC processed motor arm for smartphone gimbals to ensure impressive anti-shake performance, built from solid aluminum alloy, super lightweight and comfortable by rubberized handle grip, up to 8 hours’ runtime from a single 22650 Li-ion battery.

Know more at

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How to Find A Reliable Provider Of Cosplay Costumes? Wed, 31 May 2017 12:13:20 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> Searching for the best grade Cosplay costumes? If so, you inevitably have to method a reliable Cosplay store. Right here is your guide to find a dependable and trustworthy shop for Cosplay apparels.

Does The Store Make sure The Qualitative Standing Of the Apparels?

The first and foremost essential point to check is whether or not if the shop guarantees the qualitative standing of the apparels. The best providers cope with costumes that are produced using the bets grade materials, with flawless perfection. Such apparels will seem probably the most fashionable and provide you the optimum comfort to ensure that you make probably the most attractive look to the Cosplay occasion.

Does The Store Sufficient Options To Match For your Options And Taste?

As purchasers are various, so are their choices and preferences. Thus, before buying the apparels, verify when the products are suited for your taste and liking. Within this regard, it will be sensible to method the reputed stores for Cosplay apparels that maintain a sizable inventory of costumes so that you get an instant solution to your needs.

Additionally, you need checking the pricing, the terms & conditions on return & refund as well as the reputation from the shop in offering the post-sale support services towards the customers.

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FeiYu Electronic Successfully Developed a Series of Inertial Measurement Technology Wed, 31 May 2017 04:28:52 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> GuiLin FeiYu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2007 by co-founders came from Guilin Electronic and Technology University. The company is engaged in development, production, and sales of inertial measurement and automatic control electronic products.

Relying on the first-class Technology talents, solid technological accumulation and strong development ability, the company successfully developed a series of inertial measurement technology, such as AHRS, UAV Autopilot and Aeromodelling Flight Stabilization System. All the products are widely applied to electronic compass, robot, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships, model aircraft electronics, as well as real-time attitude determination.

New Live Steaming Vision with Smart Portrait Mode Based on attitude sensor, the SPG Live intelligently switches to vertical-screen gesture as People tilt it and press the function button. People can also rotate your camera horizontally in this mode via a user-friendly joystick. Universal Counterweight Balance Using counterweight balance mechanism, the SPG Live balances your phones of various sizes and weight easily. People can even clip in some sports cameras for perfect stabilizing performance. Friendly User Interface The joystick brings unmatched comfortable touch and precise control to your user experience. Various functions like mode selection, power on/off and Bluetooth remote control are accessed by just two buttons on the operation panel. Bluetooth-enabled Control with Powerful Apps The SPG Live is Bluetooth-enabled to connect your smart phone without extra App-pairing. People can use the camera button on its handle to control your Bluetooth-connected smart phone’s camera. All-New Apps Providing Features like Face-tracking, Dynamic Panorama and Remote Control The new released Feiyu Stabilizer ON app features revolutionary features including face-tracking, dynamic panorama and manual focus. The FY Settings app allows People to initial automatic gimbal calibration, update firmware and personalize various parameters on your phone. Uncompromised Enjoyment Made Possible By Power Upgrade The SPG Live uses one 22650 lithium ion battery to enable up to eight hours’ runtime. Craftsmanship Down to Every Inch Adopting the latest high precision brushless motor with 360 degree panning. Combined with the evolving FeiyuTech G algorithm platform, the SPG Live brings a whole new shake-proof experience.

Know more at

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Blanchardstown Cinema Offering Deals for Blockbuster Movies Mon, 22 May 2017 04:20:47 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Leading cinema, Blanchardstown Cinema, offers amazing deals to movie lovers ensuring affordable and quality cinema experience.

Odeon Blanchardstown Cinema has thrown its doors open to movie lovers across Ireland, especially persons living in Blanchardstown by offering different amazing deals to ensure a memorable and quality experience.

Odeon Blanchardstown Cinema is one of the most visited cinemas and fun places in Blanchardstown, reputed for featuring blockbuster movies from top moviemakers across the globe. The offer to reduce its prices for movie tickets is coming as part of the cinema’s mission to bring entertainment to everyone regardless of their financial situation.

The discount on movie tickets is offered to students, ensuring that they have some time to relax and enjoy great movies in a beautiful and comfortable environment.

One of the features of the Blanchard cinemas that have continued to draw more people to it is the structure. The colourful structure is meticulously crafted, maintaining a balance between vintage and modernity.

Blanchardstown Cinema also boasts of quality world-class staff that delivers prompt and quality services to clients. The cinema also offers customised services to clients based on their needs, thanks to their experience and well-trained personnel.

The seats and the environment of the cinemas are also features of the Blanch Cinema as it is also called. With ample room to stretch legs and comfortable seats, a memorable viewing experience is almost guaranteed. The wide screens of the cinema have been described as out of this world, ensuring that viewers never miss a moment of the movie.

The price of movie tickets in the cinema is another attraction of Blanch Cinema. Movie tickets are said to be reasonably priced especially considering the value of the services rendered. The discount offer to students further makes seeing a movie at the Blanch even more tempting.

Blanchardstown Cinema is described as the go-to place in Blanchardstown, and the discount offer on movie tickets for students just makes it even more lovable. Visit for more details.

About Blanchardstown Cinema
Odeon Blanchardstown Cinema is a movie theatre, poised with providing the best of entertainment to lovers of good movies. Odeon Blanchardstown Cinema is reputed for its relative affordability and excellent service delivery, with a great environment and courteous staff attending to clients.

Over the years, the cinema has grown to become an attraction for visitors and residents, with its excellent architectural masterpiece and cool environment.

Media Contact
Blanchardstown Cinema
23 Brookhaven grove,
Corduff, Dublin 15, Ireland.
Phone – 0831663221
Email – *protected email*


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What Are The Importance Of Foldable Shoes For Women? Sun, 30 Apr 2017 13:49:27 +0000 frankieapope Continue reading ]]> The new product called the Folding Shoes or the Foldable Shoes for the women at a hectic schedule is the new shizz on the online portal for ladies footwear. Hey, hurry up and bring yourself a brand new pair of Foldable Flats which not only will look nice on your feet but also give you a soothing effect to your feet skin, allowing you all the comfort. Due to their being folded they take up the smallest space for a footwear.
Problems that the Women face and their Respective Remedies
There has been a survey around the world which tells that around 90% of the women suffer from severe pain due to their day long routine in heels, which they cannot avoid at times of a necessity of a good appearance. The heels work best for dresses and jeans as they come in such a huge variety unlike the flats.

There is an instant relief to the women who will love to wear flats. Flat Shoes for Women has a surprising lot introduced in its list of flats, the Folding flats for women. Your feet might just begin to hurt you when you are in the middle of a wedding. The thing may put out your energy and cause you hindrances in your dance.

So here it is a Wedding Ballet Flats or Bridal Flats or Wedding Shoes is a great hack to the enjoyments. The wedding shoes has another show stopper on its list and it’s called Gold Wedding Shoes. They come with the sparkly touch which becomes the scene at the wedding party. Besides being truly attractive it is one of the Comfortable Wedding Shoes which is always an interesting category for our customers.

So, let’s join in the fun and get along with the handy new pair of slippers…

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